Bradley Company has an acknowledged expertise in providing professional guidance and strategic services to private and institutional clients with a tradition of service, a dedication to quality, a focus on innovation and a commitment to integrity.

As the leading provider of fee-based services in its markets, Bradley Company is a trusted partner for owners of conventional, affordable, student, senior and special needs properties who require a higher level of service and performance.

As we approach the beginning of our fifth decade of service in residential multifamily management, Bradley Company has a demonstrated expertise in three primary areas:

Advisory and Consulting Services:

  • Property Evaluation – Pre-Acquisition and Valuation
  • Disposition Planning and Management to Sale
  • Value Restoration and Enhancement Programs
  • Property Repositioning Planning and Implementation
  • Pre-Development Consulting Services
  • Marketing and Leasing Management Programs
  • Leasing Center and Model Apartment Design
  • Service Center (Maintenance Shop) & Service Program Design
  • Service Training (at sites or at our Hands-on Training Center in Plymouth, IN)
  • Affordable Housing Compliance Training and Support Services
  • Receivership and REO Management Services

Apartment Management (conventional):

  • Luxury High Rise and Garden Community Management
  • Management of Workforce Housing Properties
  • Student Housing Management (on and off campus)
  • Corporate Housing (short-term) Management
  • Financial Management, Accounting, Administration & Reporting
  • Mixed-Use Property Management (Residential w/ Retail & Office use)

Apartment Management (affordable):

  • Affordable Family Housing (Section 8, LIHTC, etc.)
  • Affordable Senior Housing Management
  • Housing for Special Needs Residents
  • Housing for Targeted Populations (homeless, etc.)
  • Rural Housing Management
  • Supportive Housing Management
  • Ongoing Training for Affordable Housing Compliance portfolio-wide
  • Preparations for REAC Inspections and addressing Remediation needs

Bradley Company approaches each assignment individually, focusing on the unique aspects of the individual property. The firm’s service-oriented philosophy has resulted in higher resident satisfaction levels, better maintenance delivery, lower resident turnover and exceptional financial results across all property types.

Bradley is justifiably proud of its record of client satisfaction. We continue to manage each of our first twenty-one property assignments and have been replaced by another management firm on fewer than a dozen occasions in the past forty years. 

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