I am not a big fan of "titles".  Most corporate cultures, in general, tend to use "titles" for motivating employees to "climb the ladder,” because most titles come with more money and responsibility. If you agree with my observation, odds are you live in an Entitlement culture.

Another popular buzz word regarding corporate culture is a double E - Employee Engagement.  Gallop* shows that less than 50% of employees are engaged in their work.  This has led to total re-design of office spaces to increase the double E.  Interestingly, this is also impacting entitlement in a positive way by breaking down barriers. For managers and leadership, this may very well mean disappearance of the private office and one of the perks of climbing the ladder.  May be tough on the Boomers, but already a way of life for the Millennials. 

Just calling it like I see it, the most productive"E" office culture should focus on  Empowerment.  By definition; "give power or authority to; to enable or permit," should have a more significant impact on the workplace than engagement.   In contrast, engagedis defined as "busy or occupied, involved; entered into conflict with."  And an entitledculture can become a breeding ground for conflict (especially if you take offices away!) An empowered environment allows employees to make decisions, drive strategy and drive their company's vision.  Empowerment also develops trust that leads to open and strategic communication that goes beyond the benefits of the open office environment.  

And let's not forget the generational impact.  When thinking about your own corporate culture, which environment will have the biggest impact bridging the gap between Boomers and Next Gen's?  Possibly an environment that does not have titles, goes beyond just being busy and/or occupied and empowers the human capital to function as a living network to make decisions that align with corporate strategy.

More to come on empowerment and remember, I'm just calling it like I see it….