Exhibitors Building

Amway Hospitality Corporation (AHC)  engaged Bradley Company to manage the Exhibitors Building, an eight-story commercial office building listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building is one of the most iconic focal points in downtown Grand Rapids–historically and still today.

AHC was in the middle of a major renovation to the Amway Grand as well as opening additional hotel properties. This meant that the tenants of the Exhibitors Building needed a focus that the existing management staff could not provide. It was agreed that Bradley Company would oversee and be responsible for tenant relations and lease administration.

As a tenant in the Exhibitors Building, it was a natural progression for AHC to engage Bradley Company to manage the property. AHC had never engaged a third-party management company for any part of their portfolio.


Grand Rapids, Michigan


Exhibitors Building


Commercial Management


Bradley Company worked to create relationships with existing AHC staff; janitorial, engineering, security and parking administration as well as accounting. The tenants were contacted individually and made aware of Bradley Company’s role working on behalf of AHC. Bradley Company is able to respond to work orders on a timely basis as well as confirm that AHC is compensated for work, if applicable, by being familiar with the language of the lease.


Prior to Bradley Company’s involvement, work orders and services were not being executed on a timely basis or being tracked through completion. Now, Bradley Company works closely with department heads to stress the importance of providing the 5-star service that the tenants of the Exhibitors Building expect as being part of AHC. The management team at AHC is able to focus on hotel projects knowing that Bradley Company is delivering quality service to the tenants of the Exhibitors Building.