Bradley Company Represents Masterbilt In Their Continued Growth And Expansion

(South Bend, Ind.) Bradley Company announced today that Jeremy McClements, Matt Wetzel, and Corey McGann represented Masterbilt in their purchase of a 107,892 square foot industrial building. The property is located at 3801 Voorde Drive on the northwest side of South Bend.

With Masterbilt’s continued growth and expansion, they have leaned on Bradley Company for over five years to help them with their real estate needs.

“Jeremy and Matt have continually provided sound advice as I considered many options to handle our rapid growth. They always kept Masterbilt in mind with future opportunities,” said Rob Michalak, President & CEO of Masterbilt.  “They were extremely positive each time I reached out regardless of the time between contact or the changes in our needs!”

Masterbilt is a manufacturing company that has evolved over the past 75 years from two inventors, Columbus Harris and William Egly, who designed the traveling sprinkler to now, under now President & CEO Rob Michalak. The company grew by a combination of good talent, investing in new equipment, and lean tool management. Their continued success led to an acquisition of another local machining business, Precision Piece Parts, Inc. of Mishawaka in 2018.

After surveying the market for many years and touring over a dozen buildings the team found the perfect fit for Masterbilt’s operational and financial health. “I can’t thank them enough for the education, advice, support, and patience over the years,” said Mr. Michalak.

“Working with Rob and Masterbilt our team has shown again that what we do is more relational than transactional.  Seeing the growth and entrepreneurial nature of Masterbilt under Rob’s leadership, and helping them find the perfect location for further growth and development into the future, is an honor for us and a testament to the relationships we love to build and see grow in this community,” said Jeremy McClements, Vice President Brokerage at Bradley Company.