Great Lakes Capital Will Develop $40 Million Skyline Tower in Fort Wayne, Indiana

South Bend, IN (January 13, 2016) – Great Lakes Capital proudly announces the company has reached an agreement with the City of Fort Wayne to develop Skyline Tower, a distinctive $40 million dollar mixed-use development; the key project that will complete the Ash Skyline Plaza and Skyline Garage project.

“Any project of this magnitude, one that will bring retail, office space, and high-end residential housing to downtown will be catalytic in nature,” says Ryan Rans, managing partner of GLC. “Fort Wayne continues to successfully drive strong revitalization downtown, and GLC is proud to be a part of a partnership that will mean continued growth and momentum in this great City.”

Skyline Tower will feature retail space on the ground floor and office space on the second floor, a combined 30,000 square feet of commercial space. Above that, the tower will house 124 high-end apartments which will meet the need for complimentary and quality housing downtown. Upon completion, Skyline Tower will be approximately 170,000 square feet and create as many as 60 new jobs.

With GLC’s long-term ownership philosophy, it is a natural partnership with Bradley Company, a local and regional commercial real estate services industry leader with expertise in leasing and management of retail and office space as well as multi-family housing. Bradley Company is a long term value creation oriented company and will not only provide on-site services to Skyline Tower’s preeminent mixed-use tenancy but further its investment in the heart of the region with the addition of staff and relocation of its offices to this new landmark property.

“Collectively, GLC and Bradley Company collaborate to build and manage long term,” says Brad Toothaker, President and CEO of Bradley Company and Managing Partner of GLC. “This project is the quintessential model of a public-private partnership with businesses and the community coming together to create a project that truly moves the needle for the region as it elevates the landscape of Fort Wayne’s downtown.” Both companies, Great Lakes Capital and Bradley Company, have committed to relocating their offices into Skyline Tower, which guarantees nearly 70 professionals will occupy a substantial portion of the newly created office space.