Industry: Multifamily

What You Need to Know About Multifamily

On the surface, multifamily housing may seem easy to understand – you own an asset where people pay rent to live, and you try to make a good return on investment. But the market is a bit more complicated than that. Multifamily properties are primarily categorized as market rate or affordable. Within affordable, there are several different types, as designated by HUD and other legislation to create an opportunity both for developers and for tenants to achieve their aims. In this article we break down the main categories of multifamily homes and how they operate.

The Top Four Things To Watch That May Impact CRE In 2021

Commercial real estate faced considerable headwinds in 2020 especially within the hospitality and retail sectors. While industrial continued to do well, office remained in a holding pattern with many companies taking a wait-and-see approach while the pandemic continues.

A Look At How Multifamily Property Managers Drive Value Creation

The goal of every multifamily property owner is to create value within their assets. Offering a quality asset for renters is only one part of that equation. Choosing a property manager that views your property as if it were their own will enable owners to further enhance the value of the asset.