Bradley Company Makes it Easy For Clients to Save Money on Their Real Estate Taxes

It’s that time of year again – temperatures are climbing, the amount of daylight is increasing, birds are chirping, flowers and leaves are growing, and… property tax time has rolled back around.

Though the initial components of the list typically bring joy to people’s lives in the Spring season, the arrival of property expenses in the mail can surely have the opposite effect. For some, receiving a property tax bill  can cause extra stress and undesirable  gray hair – especially if costs have risen.  At Bradley Company,  our goal is to lessen the burden that annual property taxes bring through our Tax Consulting Service  and to help property owners capitalize on the valuation of  their holdings.

In today’s economic environment, it is vital for property owners to maximize the value of their assets.  Market rents need to stay competitive, while property operating expenses need to be consistently controlled and reduced in order to reach stabilization and value retention.  One of the largest line-item expenses in property ownership is real estate tax. Through our Tax Consulting Service, our focus is to seek a fair and equitable assessment of the property with a goal of increasing and maintaining the property value for our clients.

What exactly is Tax Consulting, and why is it important? Tax Consulting is an annual assessment review and appeal process used to monitor, maintain, and reduce Real Estate Tax Liability. Every year between April and June, each County Assessor in the state of Indiana sends tax payers a Form 11 Notice of Assessment for the current year assessment as of January 1st.  Once these notices are sent, the window for appeal opens and the taxpayer has only 45 days to appeal the assessment. That 45-day window is incredibly significant because that is the only time frame that is available to file the appeal, so it is extremely crucial to be on the lookout for the arrival of the Form 11. Once the taxpayer has received it and made the decision to take action, the first step should be to get in contact with our extraordinary team of experienced consultants.

Since 2010, we have saved our clients over $5M in tax liability, creating approximately $50M in property value. We have a success rate for appeals of 90% with a strong desire to continuously retain and improve that number. Our team of professionals at Bradley Company maintain very positive relationships with County Assessors which essentially builds trust and leads to favorable results. Those working relationships have helped propel our team to become proficient with navigating through the process and the system,  resulting in strategic planning practices, effective courses of action, and, ultimately, successful appeals. To keep our success rate high and continue building trust with County Assessors, we will not file an unwarranted appeal.

Dealing with Property taxes doesn’t have to be a painful process when you rely on our team to work for you and with you.  We enjoy what we do, and we are committed to putting forth our best effort in every scenario.  Our goal is to help you pay a fair and accurate price so that you can focus more time enjoying the Spring and Summer, and less time stressing over the costs of your property taxes. Contact us for more details or to get started!

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