The Commercial Property Management Gap

Demand for commercial asset services has bounced back from the virtual standstill of the early pandemic days.
Demand for commercial asset services has bounced back from the early pandemic days. The return to office has caused a spike in demand.

The return to the office has not only seen demand return for routine maintenance and repairs, but also for renovations to accommodate the post-pandemic work landscape. The spike in demand has created a supply backup, and the big contracting firms are now working on a 3–6-month timeframe for taking on new project requests.  Asset owners are left to either neglect maintenance or schedule it for far down the road. Neither option is great.

Some firms may opt to save a buck or two and forego regular maintenance checks. By way of an example, a previous client of Bradley Company chose to go without property management services, saving about $450 a month on routine check-ups. Those savings may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but $450 pales in comparison to the $500,000 in damage caused by burst pipes. As a result, the value of the asset plummeted and required extensive renovation to attract a new tenant. Not the best idea to ignore property maintenance.

On the other end of the spectrum, it may seem too difficult to contract out every project months in advance, and be left hanging on smaller maintenance projects that big firms don’t bother doing. That’s where a full-service, commercial asset management firm comes in. Capable of taking over all operations, from financial to maintenance, or merely fulfilling monthly maintenance inspections, commercial asset management services are there to make your life easier. Bradley Company is well-positioned to bridge the gap between no maintenance and being put on a 3-6-month waitlist. Offering reliable service in a timely manner, we can complete your maintenance issues ourselves or leverage our extensive contractor network to get the job done, often at discount to property owners. Either way, the stress is off their shoulders.

Small landlords often don’t appreciate the advantage of working with a commercial asset manager, and it can have serious consequences, such as in the example above. By offering the service capability of a large contracting firm with the care and timeliness of someone invested in your success, we deliver value. Our Commercial Asset Services division not only responds to repair requests but proactively works to prevent depreciation. Our maintenance team can cover anything from construction requests to replacing light fixtures, and anything we can’t do ourselves or don’t have time for, we utilize our extensive network of contractors to get the job done. Our Proven Process model allows us to offer the best rates for the best results.


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