Working with a Company That Offers Property Tax Services Can Help You Stay Informed and Prepared


In today’s current economic environment, it is vital for property owners to maximize and maintain the value of their asset.  Bradley Company wants to help you stay informed and prepared.  Market rents need to stay competitive, while property operating expenses need to be consistently controlled and reduced in order to reach stabilization and value retention.  One of the largest line-item expenses in property ownership is real estate tax.  At Bradley Company, through our Tax Consulting Service, it is our focus to seek a fair and equitable assessment of the property in an effort to increase and maintain the property value for our clients.


Tax Consulting is the annual assessment review and appeal process used to monitor, maintain, and reduce Real Estate Tax Liability for property owners.  In April, each County Assessor in Indiana sends taxpayers a Form 11 Notice of Assessment for the current year assessment as of the first of January.  Upon sending the notices, a 45-day period begins in which taxpayers must make any and all appeals on the assessment.  This is the only available timeframe to make appeals, so it is of utmost importance to act immediately on arrival of the Form 11 Notice and get in contact with our expert team.  All appeals for 2020 for taxes payable 2021 are due June 15, 2020.


Bradley Company has been providing full-service third-party management and brokerage since 1978 and outsourcing Tax Consulting Services for years.  With clients as our top priority, we decided to take a closer look at how we could better provide this service to our clients for a drastically lower fee to get the savings back to our clients and tenants more quickly.  Since then, we have saved our clients more than $5M in tax liability thus creating approximately $50M in property value.

With integrity as one of our core values, Bradley Company professionals are committed to doing things the right way.  This commitment to excellence has not only saved clients time, but it has established positive working relationships between the Bradley Company team and our County Assessors.  Due to our dedication to provide clients with the best service the right way, our team will not file an unwarranted appeal.  This not only grows the trust and respect between us and our assessors, but it directly impacts our success.  As a result, we have a 90% success rate on appeals, with our goal to continuously improve that number.  Furthermore, we do not collect a fee until the appeal is accepted.  In other words, we don’t get paid until we help you win. 


Our process is simple.  Our Level III Assessor/Appraiser will analyze the value of the property based on research of comparable sales, property owner’s historical and current income as well as any expense information or replacement cost.  We also review the property record card for errors going back three (3) years per state statute.

Here at Bradley Company, we are committed to keeping clients first and serving you to the fullest extent.  Partner with Bradley Company’s Tax Consulting Services and let us help you pay a fair price and stay stress free.

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