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Bradley Company provides commercial real estate expertise across
the Midwest region.  We manage more than 190 commercial properties, spanning 9+ million sq. ft. throughout Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.

How Bradley Company can help

Our Commercial Management team provides effective management to a broad array of properties ranging from medical, office, industrial, and retail for private and institutional clients. We work with you to put your property on the path to success. Whether your goal is to enhance long-term cash flow or to find ways to increase the asset value and position the property for sale, we guide you through each step of the process.


Bradley Company can be your one stop solution for real estate services, offering everything from facilities management to accounting services. 


Ensure everything is up-to-date and staying true to the lease. We help landlords and tenants stay connected and on the same page, maximizing your return on investment.


Our team handles all tenant concerns and inquiries with ease. Our team provides 24-hour support for your tenants. This helps ensure that tenants are retained and reduces tenant retrofits to maximize investors cash flows.

Property Management

We approach an owner’s property management with pride and accomplishment. Across Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio, Bradley Company provides comprehensive facility management services for clients of all sizes. Our goal is to preserve the long-term physical and economic value of properties while providing value-added services and cost reduction benefits for our clients.

Some of the ways that Bradley Company serves you include:

  • Formal, scheduled inspections of the building structures
  • Evaluation of current and contracted services to maintain cost effectiveness, economies of scale, and operating efficiency
  • Preparation of proposal requests for service contracts
  • Continual property evaluation in order to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of property operations
  • Providing monthly reports that review property operations and maintenance activities


Bradley Company places special emphasis on administering the accounting and financial reporting for the properties.  Bradley Company will provide comprehensive property level accounting and financial reporting consistent with institutional requirements. Our senior level accounting staff will prepare and monitor the financial records for the property. The financial information is presented in an informative, concise, and easy-to-understand format. 


Bradley Company has a large portfolio of properties in the area which provides more flexibility to reduce labor costs without reducing staff. It also creates Economies of Scale with all contracted services. Our in-house, full-service maintenance technicians provide our clients a wide spectrum of skill sets which can reduce high hourly rates incurred by HVAC, plumbing, and electrical contractors. We will utilize each technician’s best skill set for the work needed at the property.

Commercial Asset Management Team

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