Braunabilitys Path to Growth and Expansion for New Carmel Headquarters

Braunabilitys Path to Growth and Expansion for New Carmel Headquarters

Economic Incentives & Location Advisors


BraunAbility is the global leader of mobility, manufacturing wheelchair vans, SUV’s, and wheelchair lifts. The company has grown from a modest small-town entrepreneurial venture with a handful of employees to a half-billion-dollar, global company with over 1,200 employees, serving more than 70 countries.

BraunAbility continues to plan for growth both domestically and globally. Through organic means as well as Merger and Acquisition, BraunAbility forecasts doubling its sales to $1 Billion by 2021. Such a rapid growth-trajectory means that the company has its hopes set on an international corporate headquarters beyond current headquarters in rural Winamac, IN, to provide better global accessibility and to access a larger talent pool.

BraunAbility plans on creating approximately 68 additional jobs over the next five years, bringing the total Indiana team to 968 members. Additionally, BraunAbility plans on investing approximately $8 Million in the new facility and equipment. In 2019, RESOURCE Incentives and Location Advisors were asked to perform a confidential study to determine the best location for its new headquarters.


BraunAbility was considering Indiana, Illinois, or Michigan as potential sites for its new headquarters and asked RESOURCE to assist in examining the advantages and disadvantages of these areas. Resource led the incentives procurement process and worked closely with company executives to examine multiple expansion scenarios and costs.

The RESOURCE Incentives Team negotiated and procured economic incentives on BraunAbility’s behalf in support of the company’s HQ relocation and expansion. Through working with the city of Carmel and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation (state of Indiana), RESOURCE secured tax incentives to assist with the establishment of a new headquarters facility in Carmel, Indiana. RESOURCE also successfully negotiated and received a real and personal property tax abatement from the city of Carmel as well as payroll tax credits from the state of Indiana for the planned new facility. These incentives will assist with the establishment of a new facility and help the company grow by an additional 68 employees.


The RESOURCE Incentives Team worked with the City of Carmel and the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, to successfully negotiate a state and local incentive package of $1,300,000 in EDGE Payroll Tax Credits and $810,000 for a 10-year Tax Abatement, totaling $2,110,000.

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